Who We Are

At the Stanford Center for Biomedical Research (BMIR) we develop cutting-edge ways to acquire, represent, and process information about human health.

What We Do

In order to handle the ever increasing amounts of data in healthcare and biomedical research, our faculty, students, and staff investigate and create novel computational, statistical, organizational, and decision-making methods. Our research advances the state of the art in semantic technology, biostatistics, and the modeling of biomedical systems to benefit clinical and translational research as well as patient care.

Our History

BMIR has a long history at Stanford.  We began in 1979 as the Medical Computer Science (MCS) group of the Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory (KSL).  Work in the 1970s on computer systems such as MYCIN and other expert systems provided strong evidence that biomedical knowledge could be modeled computationally and processed to inform clinical decision making.  MCS was the unit in the School of Medicine where such work would be continued.

Contact Us

Administrative Staff:

Natasha S. Haulman: (650) 725-3279, nhaulman@stanford.edu
Sarah Goytia: (650) 725-3384, sgoytia@stanford.edu
Marta Vitale-Soto: (650) 724-3979, msoto2@stanford.edu

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Ni Deng: (650) 736-1650, nideng@stanford.edu


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