BMIR Industry Affiliate Programs

Our Goals

BMIR is a research division in the Department of Medicine, whose mission is to develop and deploy novel computational and statistical methods to improve human health and clinical care.

The goals of the BMIR Corporate Affiliates Program are:

  • To expose member companies to cutting-edge research in BMIR Labs, and to explore high-risk/high-reward research projects that the affiliate company cannot easily initiate in-house
  • To provide Stanford students and postdocs opportunities for networking, recruitment, and professional development at the affiliated companies.

All results of research conducted through the Corporate Affiliates Program are shared among program members and with the general public. All membership fees are unrestricted funds used to support BMIR research and associated operations. If appropriate, targeted areas of mutual interest may lead to separate sponsored research agreements. 

Membership Levels and Benefits

Each corporate affiliate will receive substantial benefits for their financial support. Companies may join as Regular or Founding members. The membership is renewed annually each year upon receipt of the annual membership fee. [table below at

Benefits Founding Member Regular Member
Receive announcements of BMIR seminars, attend seminar in person Yes Yes
Receive alerts of accepted journal articles, conference papers, and technology disclosures by BMIR faculty Yes Yes
Receive CVs of students and postdocs graduating from BMIR labs
Yes Yes
Promote company internships via formal and informal recruiting events Yes Yes
List company on BMIR Corporate Affiliates Program webpage
Yes Yes
Have early opportunity to create specific, separately funded, joint research projects Yes Yes
Send Visiting Scholar to Stanford according to Visiting Scholar Policy
One Visiting Scholar for one week per academic quarter One Visiting Scholar for one week per year
Present at BMIR Seminars or in course BIOMEDIN 206: Informatics in Industry
Yes No
Membership fee
$250,000 per year
$100,000 per year

Participating Faculty

Governing Policies

This program is run in accordance with Stanford's policies for Industrial Affiliates Programs.


For more information, please contact the Program Administrator, Milan Shah (