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Treating COVID-19 Patients: What We Can Learn

Physician-scientists Jonathan Chen, MD, PhD, and Lance Downing, MD, have taken care of over 50 COVID patients in the hospital and in clinic since the beginning of the pandemic. They were asked how their experience in treating those patients relates to BMIR’s mission in informatics.


Dr. Tina Hernandez-Boussard awarded R01 from AHRQ 

Her research proposal titled “Identifying Optimal Pain Management for Elders” was awarded this month. Hernandez-Boussard and her team of researchers will build an innovative approach to advance the systematic analysis of postoperative pain in elders to improve pain management and patient outcomes.

This project will deliver validated risk-stratification tools derived from real world evidence to identify elder patients at high risk for adverse pain outcomes following surgery.


BMIR’s Assistant Professor Olivier Gevaert’s paper published in Nature – Partner Journals 

Dr. Gevaert’s paper was published on the power of AI analysis of CT images for rapid triage of COVID 19 patients.

Great work by students & trainees in the Gevaert lab on developing an AI-based approach combining clinical, lab data and CT imaging to triage COVID-19 patients: Qinmei "May" Xu, Xianghao(Sam) Zhan, Yiheng "Terry" Li and Peiyi "Penny" Xie. 


Dr. Nigam Shah’s on Stanford COVID-19 patients highlighted in NBC Bay Area news

BMIR faculty member Dr. Nigam Shah’s Green Button Project is discussed in an NBC Bay Area News segment. Shah’s Informatics Consult Service is positioned to help healthcare providers fight COVID-19 hospitalization and pinpoint who is at greater risk of serious illness. 

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