BMIR Labs and Staff

Yiran Liu

Yiran is a PhD student in Epidemiology studying the incarceration-associated burden of infectious diseases and mortality. In the Khatri lab, she has done research identifying immunological biomarkers of risk and protection following infection and vaccination. 

Andrew Reese Moore

Andrew Moore is a pulmonary and critical care medicine post-doctoral fellow at Stanford. He grew up in Virginia and completed his Bachelors in neuroscience at the College of William and Mary followed by his MD at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and his residency and chief residency here at Stanford.  As a fellow here, his research focuses on the use of bioinformatics to develop better diagnostic and prognostic tools to enable personalized treatment of immune dysfunction in critical care syndromes like septic shock and acute respiratory distress syndrome. When not in the lab or hospital, you can find him biking or hiking in the surrounding area.

Hong Zheng

Dr. Hong Zheng is a staff scientist in Khatri lab. She completed her Ph.D. in cancer genomics and clinical oncology from The University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on using computational biology and machine learning approaches to understand the multi-omics landscape (genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, etc.) and immune responses in human diseases (cancer, aging, infectious diseases, etc.), and identify robust gene signatures and targets for disease diagnostics, prognostics, and therapeutics.

Simone Thair

Simone’s educational background is in genetics, epigenetics and immunology, specifically regarding their role in the pathophysiology of septic shock and other severe outcomes in infectious diseases. Simone completed her PhD at the University of British Columbia, Canada, focused on the immunology and genetics of septic shock. Her first post-doctoral research fellowship at Stanford was in the Dept of Emergency Medicine using ATAC-seq to study the epigenetics of neutrophils exposed to TLRs and live organisms common in sepsis. She then joined the Khatri lab with BMIR for a second post-doc to train specifically to use computational biology to study infectious diseases, concentrating on influenza diagnostics and prognostics. She worked for just over 2 years in industry as Sr. Computational Biologist at Inflammatix, Inc with a focus on infectious diseases specializing in COVID-19 and other viral diseases. She is very excited to have recently transitioned back to Stanford as a Sr. Data Scientist in the Khatri Lab!