Computational Infrastructure for Biomedical Open Science

Musen Team

Director, Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research

Dr. Musen, Director of BMIR, is a physician-scientist and a biomedical informatics leader with broad and deep experience, conceptualizing and managing large projects to develop new information technology and to explore issues in biomedical knowledge management, artificial intelligence, and intelligent systems.

Dr. Mark Musen and his team developed Protégé, the world’s most widely used technology for building and managing terminologies and ontologies. The Musen team also developed BioPortal, which supports biomedical researchers in their knowledge-intensive work by providing online tools and a Web portal enabling them to access, review, and integrate disparate ontological resources in all aspects of biomedical investigation and clinical practice. Major activity involves the use of biomedical ontologies and knowledge graphs to aid in the management and analysis of data derived from complex experiments. The Musen team supports the Center for Expanded Data Annotation and Retrieval (CEDAR), founded under the NIH Big Data to Knowledge Initiative.  CEDAR develops semantic technology to ease the authoring and management of biomedical experimental metadata, promoting open science and access to FAIR data.